Email Services

Email sending with lots of flexibility.

Sending 1 email is easy as sending 1,000 or 1,000,00.

And when asked: Who read the email? You will know for sure.

20 years of email related experience.


We have learned email the only way you can… in the school of “Hard Knocks”.  We built our first email server over 20 years ago and are the only authorized  technical support in North America for phpList, the world’s most popular open source email marketing software.

With customers around the USA and on 7 continents, we have acquired the expertise you need for reliable delivery of your email messages.

Use our system.


Our in-house system is a custom designed and configured cluster of servers, all tuned to provide the best performance and maximum delivery of your messages.

Tracking, bounce handling, analytic reports are all automatic.  You can log in and see any results of any campaign at any time.

When coupled with one to one technical support and training and a simple to use web based interface, then you have the system you need to transmit your messages.

Outsource your email sending.


We’re the perfect supplier for you. and we can quickly setup a ‘private’ system for you, that we run for you.

Host your own system in-house.


We can assemble and deliver a turnkey system scaled for your needs (small or big). Host in your in-house data center.

We provide the tech support you want when you have questions or issues.

Multi-channel messaging services


In this world of ‘multi-channel’ communications, we can coordinate the email messages with USPS mailings to insure that your messages are delivered and read.  Our unique two-pass method provides maximum engagement with your recipients while minimizing costs.

Contact us with your requirements, or sign up now for a self-serve solution!