Chicago Mailing Service will deliver your communications via the most effective medium (USPS MAIL or Email), in the most cost effective way.


We produce USPS mail projects between 500 and 500,000 pieces, EMAIL projects of any size, and Class Action mailings and administration of any size.

Direct Mail




From concept and graphic design to list acquisition and printing to mailed product, we can be a one-stop shop for you. We are very accessible, flexible and easy to work with. We listen well and you can trust us.



Through automation, we can get you the lowest postage rate, saving a substantial amount on the largest portion of your project — the postage.



By saving dollars on postage, you can re-direct your dollars to other factors that contribute to the success of your marketing communications goals, such as a well-honed target list or graphic design that really gets the attention of your desired audience.


Chicago Bulk Email Services

Sending emails to 1,000 or 1,000,000 recipients is easy.


Our email marketing system is designed for deliverability and tracking. Rely on our 20 years of email experience to get your electronic messages delivered.

Securely access our system using a web browser.


Upload your email list, specify your message, and send.

Your message will start going out at the time you specify, and continue until all recipients have been processed.

Every email is tracked.


Understand when each email was sent, who viewed the email, which links were clicked and by whom.

Use the analytics report to enhance the effectiveness of your communication efforts:

  • Send a direct mail piece to those that did not view the email.
  • Send coupon to those that clicked on a link, via email or the USPS.

Class Action Notices and Administration


Professional, complete and documented mailings.


When the moment comes for sending out a class notice, rely on  Chicago Mailing Service to mail your notices on time and within budget.


We can suggest ways of minimizing the total cost of the notice by  minimizing production and postage costs, while simplifying the administration aspects after the mailing.

Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Track and record the responses


Once the notices are sent, the next phase of work begins:

  • tracking responses

  • opt-ins and opt-outs

  • claim form processing

  • logging of non-delivered mail pieces due to bad addresses

  • updating class members contact information

  • answering questions, etc.

Rely on our expertise to efficiently perform the tasks you don’t want to do. We can even setup a secure website where you can download your copy of scanned responses, and view real-time status of the response from each class member.

Full documentation, reports and proof of mailing


Whatever you need for reports, just ask. We can supply updated reports on a periodic basis, including an exact list of who responded and how, who didn’t respond, updated lists for additional mailings or email notices, proof of mailings, etc.


Your wish is our command!